Rescuecom named the most reliable computers


Rescuecom назвала самые надежные компьютерыThe worst performance on this list at Asus and HP.

Company Rescuecom has conducted a study to question the reliability of computers from different manufacturers. Among the best were PC from Apple and Samsung.

Company Rescuecom, specialize in the repair of computers, assessed the reliability of PCs from different manufacturers. Most reliable recognized products from Apple, followed by Samsung. Third place went from three manufacturers – Dell, Microsoft and Acer.

In April 2017, Apple said that it intends to develop its stuck on creating a Computer that will replace the iMac Pro. Fans of the products of this company are waiting for the presentation of the new PC at WWDC 2018, which will be presented line cheap MacBook Air, the cost of which varies in the range of 799 to $ 999 according to experts.

Samsung, in turn, said that engaged in the production of flash memory V-NAND, which replaced the traditional hard disks. This year more than 50% of laptops will not include hard drives and SSD.


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