Released pictures of Tesla Model 3


What surprised new.

The electric car Tesla Model 3 from Unplugged Performance – interesting, but unexpected and very expensive proposal.

As it became known, the American electric car has been a series of improvements from the tuning company. I wonder what EV is rarely subjected to such modifications in comparison with the usual petrol and even diesel engines.

On the other hand, the electric motor and, in particular, battery components, which, if necessary, improve performance, are subject to replacement rather than modification. Of course, such changes will cost at best half of the value.

But without similar intervention in the technical part of the Unplugged Performance experts appointed for a package of improvements Tesla Model 3 Ascension R immodest price – 35 thousand dollars.

What the company offers for the money? Changes were only exterior styling. Because of this “Tesla Model 3” promises to stand out in the traffic.

Tuning Tesla Model 3 Ascension R:

  • spoiler from carbon fiber;
  • rear diffuser;
  • 20-inch forged wheels;
  • tyre Michelin Cup 2S;
  • sports seats.

We have to admit – the revision really came out darling. But in this “combat” permitted to operate on public roads. So few willing buyers quite there.

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