Released Chrome 71 with the blocker annoying advertising


Вышел Chrome 71 с блокировщиком раздражающей рекламыIn the Chrome browser 71 a mechanism to filter out events on websites.

Google has announced that Chrome 71 out of beta and started to turn on the devices. This version enhances the feature to block annoying and manipulative advertising, and also improved notification of possible hidden paid subscriptions on websites.

In the Chrome browser 71 a mechanism to filter events based on sites that Google considers as abuse. And such events are not limited only to demonstration of annoying advertisements (e.g., automatic redirection without a user action or display of warnings that are actually advertising links to other sites). The sites that host such annoying ads, you’ll get a 30-day period to correct violations. If in the allotted time they will not remove any such promotional materials in the future, these sites will be blocked by the browser. It is noted that such filtering is not required. Browser users can enable or disable these locks they desire.

Also the Chrome browser 71 will begin to display a notice when you visit sites that try to write off money from the user without his direct consent or intentionally introduce user confusion about payments. In addition, the new version of the browser sound is muted on those sites that automatically start the playback of the content.

The desktop version of Chrome 71 for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download, but versions for Android and Chrome OS will appear on several weeks.


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