Reiner Mueller-Heinke, would-be Privat Bank CEO has no higher education


It was revealed that Mr. Reiner Mueller-Heinke, which is fiercely pushed to CEO of Privat Bank position by minister of finances of Ukraine Danilyuk has no higher education. Additionaly there are evidences that he participated in financial fraud which led to loss of 75 millions USD by his bank.

Former executives of Swedbank has transfered to investigative journalism site a file of papers, among them – a bank agenda where the board discussed incompetence of Reiner Mueller-Heinke as a CEO of Ukrainian branch of Swedbank.

Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

According to their information the diploma of high education of Reiner Mueller-Heinke is forged. He has no originals of diploma, only fuzzy looking copies. According to his former colleagues he is guilty of manipulating credit size Tigipko’s bank during the time of acquisition of it.

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Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

Swedbank credit assets were sold for 2.4 billions hryvnias (circa $300M) for 5 cents for a buck. Then the portfolio was cut into pieces and then – with the help of ICU’s Gontareva – was sold by 30 cents for a buck.

Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

Thus, the arbitration the parties to the transaction, among whom were Mueller-Heinke amounted to $75 million.

Such a valuable and clever in schemes of robbing banks frame — certainly very useful for officials in PrivatBank. According to FTTC, before announcing a fake contest for the positions of Chairman of the Board and first Deputy Chairman of PrivatBank, Finance Minister Danyluk already interviewed the “fake German”.

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Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

Reiner Mueller-Heinke papers

We can assume that the NBU (lead by Gontareva!) will not have any issues with Muller-Hanke, given his cooperation with Gontareva. The biggest bank of Ukraine – Privat Bank – will be doomed for next round of robbery.

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