“Regardez hit me in the head with a baton. Immediately blood began to flow…”


"Росгвардеец ударил меня по голове дубинкой. Сразу же потекла кровь…"

The monologue of the citizens of St. Petersburg, a photo which out of the paddy wagon went viral

“Novaya Gazeta” contacted the victim in the St. Petersburg woman. Her name is Marina Bukina, she is an activist of the “group of aid to the detained”. Published her story.

— I was standing with my back to the police vehicles, when I unexpectedly grabbed a backpack and threw. Then suffered and pushed into a “Gazel”. And behind me brought my friend the journalist David Frankel. It began to push my head under the seat, breaking legs.

I stood up for him — began to scream, and hit me on the head. Resguardar. Club.

Immediately blood began to flow. There was some fuss: I asked you to call me an ambulance was not summoned; where one went, wrapped. The guys who were with me, helped than could. Then all unloaded, released the journalists, and me out of that “Gazelle” was transferred along with other detainees on the bus. I have, naturally, nothing could not see, blood filled my eyes. Don’t remember what was happening around.

Now I’m going in the ambulance to the hospital, almost there. Say, cut seven inches. What’s next, I don’t know. To me, the policewoman and the doctor.



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