Refrigerator starts and wins!


Холодильник начинает и выигрывает!

The CPS has published a report “On the state sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the population in Russia in 2018,” June 1, but for some reason, about him almost no one writes.

Well, I’ll have to write. Moreover, the figures from the report put me even in shock and in a stupor. Link to the report at the end of the article.

Yes, the Russians are malnourished

The downward trend in the consumption of vegetables, fruits and dairy products the visible is not the first year. However, in 2018 at the huge drop in milk – 7 litres per year per person.

How many Russians are malnourished and some products are too few in their diet?

The CPS has a clear answer to this question:

83.1% of Russians are malnourished sunflower oil (in this case, the report noted a General increase in the consumption of fats).
97.3% of not eat enough fruit.
99.1% of people don’t get enough vegetables.
100% (in words – one hundred percent!!!) malnourished dairy products.

And what about the village?

In the village are malnourished is worse than in the city

Malnourished and the village typical village products. The situation is much worse than in the city. Total poverty in the villages has led to the fact that even fruits average citizen eats 11.8% more.

Dairy products on the eat village is 2.7% less than in the city. Meat – 5.8%, eggs – by 3.1% less.
Eat a little, to Zdorovye needs?

No, for the last 5 years (the period of import substitution) morbidity statistics also may shock the unprepared reader. For example, in obesity, from 2013 to 2017 average of 1.73 times.

I will say, the whole world is getting fat, and especially Americans? But the world has better stats: the growth of obesity in 3 times in 5 years, and more than 40 (from 1975 to 2016).

The Report Of The CPS:


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