Refrain from fast food while alive seven tragic consequences


Откажитесь от фастфуда пока живы — семь трагических последствий

Recommendations fast food is called food waste not only food from the fast food restaurants but half of everything sold in supermarkets. Soups, tea bags, sausages, frozen burgers and pizzas, white bread, Breakfast cereals, confectionery and other products that have gone deep processing.

The harm is that they have a lot of calories, added sugar and salt, fat and TRANS fats. In the shortage of valuable components: fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. But this food seems delicious, so easy to overeat.

Imagine that you met classmates 15 years later. Those who ate wrong every day, you recognize “the second chin”, the fat on waist, back and “floated” to the knees. But the extra weight will and those who eat junk foods only twice a week. Scientists discovered that during this period such people gain an average of 4.5 kg.

Poor digestion and constipation

The digestive system works poorly, because the products of deep processing of no fiber. It is found in beans, lentils, peas, vegetables of all colors, Apple skin, shell, brown rice, cereals. The nuggets, ready-made salads, sandwiches with sausage and white bread, sweet buns it is not. The fibers serve as food for beneficial bacteria in the gut and normalizes motility.

High blood pressure

The blood presses on the walls of blood vessels, because the body can not cope with the excess sodium. Doctors believe that normal get from food 2.3 g, or 2,300 mg, of sodium. This number corresponds to the teaspoon of salt. If you dined ramen noodles, and ate smoked brisket — just got the sodium for two days. Canned fish and meat, sauces, bouillon cubes, sausage and deli meats are the main sources of added salt. The more it in the diet, the higher the risk of heart attack, heart attack and stroke, and even the risk of stomach cancer.

Renal failure

The kidneys work 24/7. When not enough sodium is pumped from the urine and sent back into the blood. When it is in excess is removed from the body. When too much, the filter is “clogged”. If the kidneys do not perform their functions, there comes a condition which doctors call “renal failure”. In addition, there may be stones because purines contained in hot dogs and sausages.

Asthma attacks

Junk food speeds up their number in people with asthma. This is due to the amplification of inflammation in the body — the hearth extends to the respiratory tract.

Skin rash

Food and acne are not related — this disease develops due to failure of hormone production. But its compounded products with high glycemic index: pies, cakes, pastries and sweetened beverages. Studies have shown that those who reduced their in the diet, decreased the size of sebaceous glands and the level of inflammation.

Chronic fatigue

Refined carbohydrates and added sugar is a roller coaster for your body. The level of glucose rises in the blood to the limit. The body produces insulin to break it down. The excess is stored in fat depots aligned to a constant level to maintain homeostasis. Therefore, no strength, even if you spent the whole day on the couch watching TV. Over time, may develop hyperinsulinism, insulin resistance, exhaustion of the pancreas and diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type.


Scientists from the Sorbonne said about the relationship between the products of deep processing and development of various types of cancer. If its quantity increases in diet with only 10% of doctors on register 10% more cases of oncological diseases. However, the recommendations do not prohibit such products completely. In fast food lots of calories and little nutrients. It should not displace healthy foods.

Changing eating behavior

To unsubscribe from deep-processed products fully — impossible-only if you live in a remote village and run a household. But to make it the basis of your diet is not worth it. Choice for each day should be foods from healthy food groups. There are only five:


  • vegetables, salads, herbs and legumes;
  • fruits;
  • whole grain products (bread and pasta from whole grains, dark rice shell, coarse oatmeal, cereals);
  • plant and animal protein sources: lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds;
  • low-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese).
  • </ol>

    If 95% of everything that you eat these foods, a little junk food won’t hurt. Prepare yourself, learn your taste preferences. Eat happy, do not torment yourself with guilt over a slice of cake is healthy eating behaviour. So you will enjoy healthy food and not to overeat “junk”.

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