Red meat does not cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease


Красное мясо не вызывает рак, диабет и болезни сердца

For that year, the dispute between supporters and opponents of red meat. The Kingdom calls people to reduce the share of red meat in the diet. Meanwhile, scientists who have completed research with the involvement of millions of volunteers, came to the conclusion that this should not be. Who is right? The dispute between opponents and supporters became so tense that anyone who squeezes himself an expert in nutrition and nutriology, expresses his point of view publicly.

On Monday in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a study conducted by canadian scientists from Dalhousie University in Paleface with colleagues. They insist that people living in North America and Europe, did not exclude and did not reduce the proportion of red and processed meat in the diet. At least 3-4 times a week, but need to eat it. When conducting research, they have not identified any fact which would indicate that red meat causes cancer, diabetes or abnormalities in the cardiovascular system.

As reports “КазахЗерно.kz” to publish in the journal immediately reacted scientists from Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other world institutions. They demanded to withdraw it from time to time. The data given in it, it is necessary to carefully check and recheck, otherwise in the world may be a sharp jump in the consumption of red and processed meat.

Representatives of the Harvard school of public health. T. H. Chan also released a statement. It turns out that canadian scientists have violated the norms of health, published their point of view on the issue of meat. In the world may dramatically increase the share of consumption of red meat in the diet without convincing arguments proving no harm for the body.

The international Agency for research on cancer (IARC) and the world cancer research Fund (WCRF) claim that red and processed meat causes cancer. WCRF claims that the diet must include red meat only in moderation. It is desirable that during the week people didn’t eat more than 500 g beef, lamb or pork. If possible, it is better to eat it less.

In January, a group of researchers introduced a new “perfect” health diet. Adhering to her, could be reduced by 50% share of the global consumption of red meat. She will contribute to the doubling of consumption of fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.

Canadian scientists, together with the Spaniards and poles, conducted a randomized control trial and monitoring people who ate red and processed meat. So they figured out how it affects their health. To randomized controlled trial attracted 54 million people. In the end, they found that there was no Association between consumption of cancer and the risk of cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The same is shown and simple observation of millions of people around the world. It was found that those who ate at least three servings of meat per week, on the contrary, reduced the risk of developing the diseases listed above.

Upon completion of the research, the scientists released their recommendations for the inhabitants of planet Earth. In their view for most of them the presence of meat in the diet is the best decision they ever made.

A nutrition expert at the British Institute of biological Sciences Quadram believes that the study of the canadian scientists, finally, people will get rid of the imposed by the authorities point of view. They will no longer consider meat a carcinogen, which is in line with the cigarette smoke and alcohol. Bacon doesn’t kill people. This is true.

Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine believes that explore issues of power extremely difficult. Though satisfied randomized controlled trial, but in fact make findings on the memories of study participants.

As Farmtario believes every person should decide to eat meat or not. He may be his enemy or supporter. In case of refusal he should not shout at every turn that it improves your health. That there is no evidence. It’s time to be honest with people, stop to fool them by posting insights about the enormous harm or benefit of meat, without conclusive evidence.

Much more honest to tell everyone around that the meat is excluded from the diet for ethical or environmental reasons. Breeding cows is increasing the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As you can eat the meat of cows that a couple of days ago were grazing in the meadow and wagged his tail? If we go to the vegetable food, only to save the planet from the threat of global warming.


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