Reboot system: the development of the economy continues


Перезагрузка системы: развитие экономики продолжается

Today, having heard the statement by Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the successful implementation of an exit strategy from economic collapse in 2015, I wondered how I was affected by the crisis?


Last year, judging by the news, was not easy. The policy of the West meddled in the economy and, “like a bull in a China shop”, there is such mangled wood that will have to fix the next ten to fifteen years.

Opposition media squeal like the one that throughout the country the famine, the people are malnourished and go rubisco. But no matter how I tried to find – did not find one.


Social services? Yes like not noticed problems. All also receive a tax deduction, the old mother receives benefits in the transport and housing subsidies.

Banks do not burst. The only thing that is closing them, but it’s the right decision, because weak players don’t need. And to avoid problems from investors in advance and this is done artificially, until they screwed up.

The Ministry of economic development, the Central Bank, Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin showed coherent clear and very correct steps.

The country has demonstrated the maneuver without losing a single item of economic development. The yard is 2016, the main problems are in the past, now the algorithm is what is called “on the thumb” and the current stability is not threatened.

Перезагрузка системы: развитие экономики продолжается


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