Realme X Pro with camera 64 MP is shown in the photo


Unknown insiders have posted a few pictures of the smartphone Realme X Pro is the one that has all the odds to become the world’s first mobile phone with a camera 64 MP. Images really did not understand about his appearance, plus the time of the announcement, and it will take place before the end of the summer, its name may change.

On the characteristics of the Realme X Pro you know quite a bit – his main camera-based sensor Samsung GW1 with a resolution of 64 MP, and it will be one of the four matrices on the rear panel. Options frontali is hidden. The maximum picture resolution will be 9280х6944 pixel, and the video the smartphone will record 4K at 60 frames per second.

By the way, Realme X Pro is a flagship in Qualcomm’s 855 Plus, so there is not the slightest hope that it will be adequate money. The premiere of the device is scheduled for 20 August this year, and the first country in which it will appear, will be China. Add that Realme is a subsidiary brand of the company Oppo, which is known for the fact that the constantly inflated prices for their products.


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