Real inflation in Russia for 3 years was 2 times higher than the official


Реальная инфляция в России за 3 года оказалась в 2 раза выше официальной

The BBC Russian service tried to find out how he grew up in Russia the prices for consumer goods after was introduced counter-sanctions on products from the EU, USA and other Western countries.

BBC journalists just compare receipts from stores, the current and previous years. Two cheques dated 27 July and 4 August 2014 – this day was published Putin’s decree on “application of certain special economic measures to ensure security”.

A list of banned products was not known until a day later when he issued a corresponding decree of the government. The third check was issued by the cashier on 6 August. For cleanliness of experiment were chosen the same stores in the Moscow region. In the end, the so-called “personal inflation” employee of the air force was twice the official. Of real numbers in three checks, punched with an interval of less than two weeks in 2014, has compiled a single list, after which the journalists have calculated how much it would cost the same food and drinks today.

As it turned out, instead 4422 rubles three years ago now want to pay for a similar set 7471 ruble. The growth – 69%. And, according to official figures Rosstata, from the end of July 2014 to the end of June, 2017 the index of consumer prices for goods and services in Russia increased by 29%. Annual inflation in June, according to official estimates amounted to 4.4%.

For the correctness of the calculations was not considered prohibited, and other commodities, close to which the properties are not found. Subject to the same sanctions of food like Italian Parmesan and Spanish ham in July-August 2014 with journalists, would take to the checkout 6270 roubles – still significantly less than today’s check.

Hardest – three times in three years – rose wild rice. More than doubled the price of mayonnaise with lemon juice (the usual mayonnaise was the only product in the sample, which in three years rose and fell), Adygei cheese, zucchini, melons, cucumbers, edible sea salt, Prosecco and olive oil. Less than 10% went up only five items from 42, the prices of which journalists were able to compare with the current: young garlic, ricotta cheese of the Russian manufacture, shopping bag made of nonwoven material, the bun with sesame seeds and dried parsley.


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