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Spooky Ghost accidentally hit the shot at the party

Unknown, where did the object in the photo.A curious image appeared on one of the foreign sites dedicated to UFOlogy and extraterrestrial civilizations. It is reported that three friends visited at the beginning of the month a festive party devoted to the New...

Original solutions to everyday problems. Photo

These pictures look pretty funny.This compilation is for those who want to find the original use of non-genuine things.You have no fire extinguisher, find a replacement!Broken headlight? There is a solution! Broken watch? Not a problem!In General, there is something to see.

Scientists told how the teeth will not be the people of the future

Now the wisdom teeth are not at all.Biologists have shared the results of a study on the wisdom teeth of a person.Scientists believe that in the near future, people will cease to appear, wisdom teeth. As once the tail disappeared, and the wisdom...