Real estate investors and truckers came together for a rally in St. Petersburg


Дольщики и дальнобойщики вместе вышли на митинг в Петербурге

Defrauded real estate investors and truckers held a joint rally on Lenin square in St. Petersburg, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” from the event.

The event was held in “cut” format, noted in the beginning of the event one of its organizers.

“We are faced with the fact that the entire Internet yesterday is replete with reports that the whole Russia is full of diesel generators and sound amplifiers free, only we collect the money to properly hold a rally. Therefore, we are forced to hold it in a shortened condition and without amplifiers,” said the organizer.

The meeting actually took place under the Christmas tree that is installed recently in the area. Also the participants were provided with a field kitchen.

Investors were holding posters calling to build their houses and to take the necessary legislative measures, but also made for manual control of each problem.

“What is happening with the problems of equity holders, is a complete disgrace. We know that often we are dealing with adventurers who develop only schemes for obtaining money from people. And Federal law, unfortunately, has no leverage. At the city level, this legislation is not correct, it is necessary to make proposals to the state Duma through our Legislative Assembly,” — said the Deputy of the city Parliament Mikhail Amosov.

Also, the action was attended by the truckers who oppose the system “Platon”.

“The system aims not to regulate our roads. It’s just the looting of our country. Because of the “Plato” of goods increased in price two or three times. And all of this money out of our pockets,” said one of the truckers.

The event was coordinated by the city authorities, the order on action was watched by the police.


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