Rarity’s biography: in Ukraine sell historic cars


Раритет с биографией: в Украине продают историческое авто The current owner says that the car from the fleet of Brezhnev.

At fall fest OldCarLand 2017 lit up the car, which had long legends “in narrow circles”, but no one had until now not seen. We are talking about Buick Wildcar hardtop sedan 1965.

As claimed by the current owner, citing, including a public statement of a reputable automotive historian Vladimir Vinnik, this is a car from the stables of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev.

It sounds like this: in 1966, Brezhnev was brought to the Crimean residence of three American Chrysler 300, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight LS Sedan, Buick Wildcat. The fate of the first two is known. But Buick, which is now in Kiev, and exhibited for sale, the final is still not clear. Come across information that Brezhnev was a car of such a brand, but 1962.

Interestingly, in the car, “implanted” V8 engine of Soviet production capacity of 5.5 liters. Marking 2424*82 experts and restorers accurately determine the forced version of the “Tchaikovsky” motor for Volga GAZ-24 “catch-up” in 1982. The nature of the work performed and the material used shows, in the same 1982 it was installed, but not private in the garage, and forces at least the ATP (auto transport company), the Committee or the regional Committee of the party. Although the development of socialism was over, but to purchase this engine is a simple Professor or pigeon couldn’t.

One more detail. According to information from various sources, the car was donated by a certain well-known “pigeon”, which could be a driver Brezhnev, the inhabitant of Kherson. There was the car registered and was to 2010. But a survey of the current Kherson specialists in new York question neither confirmed nor denied this version. It is known, Leonid Brezhnev was in residence Zavidovo outside Moscow his loft, it was still isonem his hobby.

BUICK Wildcar hardtop sedan moves he has original paint and interior that 52 year old machines just rare. The luxury sedan long 5.6 meters, little exploited, there is no traces of the accident. Optics and chrome in excellent condition, of course, adjusted for advanced age. It is also important that it “has not touched” the hand of the restorer, and the car is legally registered in all bases of GAI, however, we have data from the 90-ies.

Astorlive cautiously interested Russian collectors, but do not want to leave Ukraine.

Раритет с биографией: в Украине продают историческое авто
Раритет с биографией: в Украине продают историческое авто
Раритет с биографией: в Украине продают историческое авто


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