Rare one-cent coin will sell for a million dollars


Редкую одноцентовую монету продадут за миллион долларов Final price of the lot can rise even higher.

To be more precise to say that it’s a little American copper coin advantage of just one cent – 1943, however, a million dollars, which it can pay today, according to experts, the minimum price of such a rarity. For example, a similar coin in 2010 was sold for $ 1.7 million.

What is the value of this copper penny? The fact that in the United States in the forties, the little thing was produced of steel, since all of the copper was spent on the military, and it even lacked. However, in 1943, the coin in one cent was accidentally minted from copper – the quantity, as it is now according to coin collectors, forty pieces.

The U.S. government has long denied this error, although there were experts who discovered copper strap for minting one cent (1943) in mints, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Denver.

Since then it’s been 76 years, and today confirmed the existence of 12 of these rare copper us cents. The rest, presumably, were lost with steel in detail of the floods in 1943, because then were not detected by quality controllers of the Mint of the United States.

A copper penny, which is now exhibited at the auction Heritage special twins. The fact that Americans don Lyutes Jr. (Don Lutes Jr.) accidentally got this coin in change in the school cafeteria in 1947.

At first the teenager was convinced that a miracle he got the coin a fake because at that time the U.S. Mint has not released copper detail, then the boy vigorously attacked the coin with the most tempting offers, but don never said anything was agreed: no one even knows why? And so it happened that the American kept rare copper penny almost seven decades. But in September last year, the owner of this unique rarity went to the other world, and his heirs decided to put the rare coins for sale.

As experts say, this will leave a copper penny at least $ 1.6 million, and even more expensive…


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