Range Rover has complained over the opening to move the door


На Land Rover пожаловались за открывающиеся на ходу двериThe national administration of safety of traffic of the USA (NHTSA) opened an investigation against the British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover.

The quality of the products, the company received dozens of complaints, including 14 requests for on-the-go opening doors. According to Leftlanenews, Land Rover has previously held revocable campaign because of defective door locks on the Range Rover model. Opinion 2015 has been associated with self-unlocking of door locks with electronic control during movement. It appears the manufacturer was not able to solve this problem.

Last year the manufacturer launched the investigation due to numerous complaints from owners of repaired on the recall vehicles. The repair was carried out using flashing software. At the moment, NHTSA has information on 43 incidents of door locks. In 14 cases of them the car door unlocked on the go.

According to the results of a new investigation can begin large-scale service campaign. The manufacturer recalled due to faulty door locks 564 of the car.


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