Ranepa invited Putin to create a caste of high-ranking officials


РАНХиГС предложила Путину создать касту высокопоставленных чиновников

Ranepa has invited President Vladimir Putin to reform the system of public administration, “Vedomosti” reports, citing its sources in the government. The Cabinet is allegedly already discussing the report of the experts Academy.

Ranepa offers to leave in the rank of civil servants only part of the officials, mainly those who take key decisions. To get into “the caste of the chosen”, according to the publication, will be harder. So, the new officials will have additional benefits and guarantees, but “high responsibility” and “significant restrictions”. What it is, “Vedomosti” do not indicate.

Those are high-ranking officials and skilled professionals, and all others will work in conditions “close to business” offer in Ranepa. The main part of the salary will be fiksirovanniy salary, and the award will be linked to efficiency, to do this would be to conduct surveys of clients.

His concept of reform has developed and the Ministry. The Agency sent a letter to President Putin, proposing to create in the Ministry a “flat organizational structure”. That is, without hierarchy and positions. “Instead, the team of people that solves problems. They may have different positions, but they are working on a project, they are all equal and valued contribution to the project, and each, even small, specialist will be able to differ, be a star in the future to initiate their projects, and then he can even jump over the hierarchical steps”, — said in the letter.


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