Race in the snow in Europe was the first race in the mountains


Гонка в снегу: в Европе прошла первая гонка в горахRace on snow-covered road looked more than impressive.

On the hills of Andorra hosted the world’s first race on snow-covered roads on electric cars.

Drivers competed on a completely different electric cars: Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Tesla Model S P85.

Organized Eco Grand Prix race eager to prove to the world that electric cars can work in a variety of conditions. In addition to the arrival on a snowy road race will be held on the Spanish track Calafat, and at the German Bilster Berg.

The Andorran race was a five-hour test of endurance. Winner — Alan Fuertes rode 62 laps within the allotted time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S P85. Second and third place went to the Hyundai Ioniq and a second Model S. the Other competitors were driving on a variety of electric cars including BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen eGolf and Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

Next race Eco GP will be held in Spain on September 15.


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