Raccoon-climber climbed the skyscraper in the United States


Енот-скалолаз поднялся по небоскребу в СШАMinnesota raccoon almost gave residents of the United States national heart attack.

On Tuesday evening the citizens of Minnesota have discovered a small gray spot on the wall of one of the skyscrapers.

A reporter for public radio Minnesota’s Tim Nelson has tweeted that the raccoon rose to a height of 12 floors in the UBS Tower.

Nelson pointed out that a raccoon living between the neighboring buildings, most likely the “want to RAID the nests of pigeons on the roof of a skyscraper”.

And, apparently, the animal did not find another way to climb and decided to climb on the facade of the building.

Soon the journey of a raccoon monitored across the country. Local channel even began airing live.

By noon, the raccoon had the courage to conquer even 10 floors. On the window ledge on the 22nd floor, he stopped to rest.

Despite its reputation of woodland creatures, raccoons have settled in urban areas of North America.

The building did not open the window, so rescuers had to wait until a raccoon climbs on the roof and then take him to the shelter.


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