Putin’s triangle. Why Russian billionaires are getting richer


Путинский треугольник. Почему российские миллиардеры становятся богаче

About the rain of money flowing to business, not very equidistant from the President, despite the sanctions, in the review Sobesednik.ru.

The richest Russian is now considered the owner of the Novolipetsk metallurgical plant Vladimir Lisin (20.5 billion $). In the ranking of Bloomberg, he surpassed the previous leader — the head of “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov (20.3 billion $).
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Although very upset, Mordashov no reasons — for the year, its capital still increased by 588 million dollars. Moreover, several months ago Vladimir Putin promised him a stable state order: a billionaire earns on the contracts with “Gazprom”.

A brief history of success Mordashov could look like this: friendship with Anatoly Chubais, the entrance to the club of young reformers, familiarity with the St. Petersburg banker Vladimir Kogan and convergence thanks to him with Putin.

The proximity to the Kremlin Mordashov was included in the blacklist of the US Treasury. As Vladimir Lisin. Part of his financial success (+2.3 billion $ per year) can be explained in time, Putin told an anecdote about an abused tractor. Such a non-trivial way the entrepreneur lobbied the support of business by the authorities.

Receive billions of dollars in orders, and other longtime friends of the President: the Rotenberg brothers and Gennady Timchenko. The latter, according to Forbes, for three years, became richer by $5 billion.

Became successful, in spite of the sanctions policy year and for the other oligarchs, which is called the backbone of the regime. Leonid Mikhelson, according to Bloomberg, became richer by $ 2 billion, Roman Abramovich — and a half billion, and Alisher Usmanov — 243 million $.

Difficulties while Oleg Deripaska. But surely temporary: he was present at the talks between Putin and XI Jinping in Beijing, and it is possible that Deripaska agreed with China on the supply of raw materials for the production of aluminium. And all the machinations of Washington will be nothing to him.

The inner circle of the President — like the Bermuda triangle, you can go there, but it’s almost impossible to get out. If someone was lucky enough to be a friend of Putin, he is doomed to wealth.


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