Putin’s statement on the shelling of Syria: full text


Заявление Путина по обстрелу Сирии: полный текстThe Russian President has declared the emergency convening of the UN security Council.

Here is the text of statement of the Russian President.

“On April 14, USA with the support of its allies launched a missile attack on facilities of the armed forces and civilian infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic. Without the authorization of the Security Council of the United Nations, in violation of the UN Charter, norms and principles of international law, an act of aggression against a sovereign state, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.

Again, as a year ago, when the United States attacked Syria airbase “Sirat”, the pretext used a dramatization of the use of toxic substances against civilians, this time in the Duma suburb of Damascus. Russian military experts, visiting the site of the alleged incident, did not find traces of the use of chlorine or other toxic substances. Not one local resident has not confirmed the fact of a chemical attack.

The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons sent to Syria its experts to clarify all the circumstances. But the group of Western countries that cynically ignored by taking military action without waiting for the outcome of the investigation.

Russia seriously condemns the attack on Syria, where the Russian military help to the legitimate government in the fight against terrorism.

By its actions, the States are further aggravating the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, bear the suffering of the civilian population, in fact, pander to terrorists, seven years tormenting the Syrian people, provoke a new wave of refugees from that country and the region as a whole.

The current escalation of the situation around Syria is having a devastating impact on the whole system of international relations. History will put everything in its place, and she was laid on Washington a heavy responsibility for a bloody massacre of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya.

Russia convenes emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the aggressive actions of the US and its allies.”


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