“Putin’s day”, or what we’re celebrating?


"День Путина", или что мы там празднуем?

At the time, as trump shakes hands with North Korean dictator, and Turkey and Azerbaijan launch its “TRANS-Anatolian” gas pipeline to bypass Russia, we’re celebrating something. “Something” – because more than half of Russians (data of the Levada) I do not know the name of this holiday. Although celebrating it, for a quarter century.

So what kind of celebration?

12 June 1990 the Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR declared state sovereignty of Russia. Sovereignty means the independence of the state. Thus, Russia, which was part of the Soviet Union, declared independence from him. In fact – the Congress has committed treason, betrayed his country. Traitors were all Russians, because none of them opposed.

To remember the events of that day the Russian government does not like. Start to explain to the population that, well, appears unnecessary questions, reasoning and speculation. Therefore, in 2002, this day is called “Day of Russia“. Just – “Russia Day”, rejoice and be glad. So we’re celebrating, celebrating this thing with vodka and kebabs.

Putin – Russia

Not so long ago, the Chief of the state Duma said: “There is Putin is Russia, not Putin – not Russia!” No one protested his words, because the Supreme “servant of the people” rights. If it is taken literally. Replacing the word Russia (Russian Federation) Putin, we get “Putin’s Government“, “Constitution Putin“, “Putin, the Duma“, etc. But the way it is in reality! So that today can be called “Putin’s Day”.

What happened to the “dear Russians”?

Remember, all sarcastically mocked Yeltsin: “dear Russians”? In fact, this is a normal message from the President to his fellow citizens. In the last 18 years, the power to us so is not drawn. “Dear friends” will be called (although the names of the friends of government as we know), just citizens. Fair enough. No more “dear Russians” in the country. Where they come from in the country of Putin?


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