Putin supported the collective funding model for Russian football


Путин поддержал колхозную модель финансирования для российского футбола

Reform financing for professional football and hockey clubs of Russia became one of the main themes of the presidential Council on development of physical culture and sports, which was held in Nizhny Novgorod.

The Russian football Union will consider the option in which clubs will receive the funding from the special Fund, contributions to which will do large companies and corporations that support now a separate team.

“This means that all companies who are now funding their clubs will have the money directed to the Fund, and there will rightly be shared by all other teams. I think that such a farm would be much more equitable than what we see today: a competition of wallets happening,” responded to such a proposal Vladimir Putin.

Now in the Russian football there was a situation in which almost all the leading clubs exist thanks to the support of corporations and large companies. For example, Petersburg “Zenith” fed from “Gazprom”, Moscow “the locomotive” – from the Railways, “Spartak” – from “LUKOIL”.



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