Putin said about the need to break away from the dollar


Путин заявил о необходимости оторваться от доллара

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the need to break away from the dollar, calling the monopoly of the currency unreliable and dangerous.

Putin agreed with the state Duma expressed in statements about the need for “separation from the dollar.” He said that we need to raise the level of economic sovereignty of Russia, RIA “Novosti”.

Putin said that in the previous decade, Russia had behaved “somewhat naive”, hoping that will be adhered to the stated principles in the field of world trade, reports “Interfax”. “And now we see that WTO rules are often violated, restrictions are for political reasons, which are called sanctions. And enter all new and new (sanctions) to secure a favorite of competitive advantage,” he said.

The President reminded that oil is traded on the stock exchange in dollars. “And, of course, we think we need to do in order to free yourself from this burden, moreover, our partners help us by introducing all these restrictions are unlawful, violating the principles of world trade, because the whole world sees that the monopoly of the dollar is unreliable, it is dangerous for many, not only for us,” he said, reports TASS.

According to Putin, Russia will continue to diversify the structure of international reserves, RIA “Novosti”. However, he opposed the restrictions of financial assistance to other countries.

Additional funds for the implementation of the may decree, according to Putin, will be found including due to the growth of the economy and tweaking the tax system. So, from a small system of measures in the sphere of taxes is scheduled to receive an additional 300-400 billion rubles, for a total of 1.2 trillion rubles. The President noted that the adjustment of the tax system should not disrupt macroeconomic stability.

Earlier on Tuesday, acting Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the amount of funding the implementation of the may decree will increase by a third and will be about 25 trillion rubles.


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