Putin ordered to live long


Путин приказал долго жить

No, wait, wipe your tears! A young energetic leader didn’t abandon you and will not throw for at least another 6 years! It’s me literally.

Today Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024”. In fact, this new April theses May decrees.
Show completely…

The President instructed the Russian government to make the country strong, developed and advanced. And among other things really tells the Russians to live long, and that strategy won’t work.

Let’s briefly go over Putin’s plans for Russia for the next 6 years:

1. The population of Russia will grow, and naturally and sustainably.

2. The Russians will live on average to 78 years (by 2030, up to 80 years). A die will be less (of the total).

3. The level of poverty in Russia will decrease in 2 times.

4. Salaries and pensions will grow faster than inflation.

5. 5 million families each year will change the barracks to the “White Dew”.

6. Russia will enter the Top 5 largest economies in the world.

7. Inflation – no higher than 4%.

8. The proportion of sportsmen and athletes among Russians will grow to 55%.

9. Every child in kindergarten!

10. Clinical examination once a year for everyone.

11. Patients will be able to protect their rights.

12. Russia will enter the Top 10 countries on the quality of school education.

13. All the polls will be held refresher courses.

14. Foreigners in Russian universities will be in 2 times more.

15. Mortgage rate less than 8%.


17. No more defrauded investors.

18. No more substandard buildings.

19. All illegal landfills will disappear from cities.

20. Breathing will become easier.

21. Water can be drunk from the tap.

22. The Volga and Baikal clean.

23. Will appear at least 24 new sanctuary and national Park.

24. Old landfills will be recultivated.

25. In Norilsk, Magnitogorsk, Cherepovets, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, and even in Omsk, too, will be breathing easier.

26. The number of victims of road accidents will be reduced 3.5 times. By 2030, – up to 0 persons per 100 thousand population.

27. Fines for drivers will increase.

28. Russia will enter the Top 5 major scientific powers.

29. All Russians coming back from Silicon valley in SKOLKOVO.

30. Officials will change to the Russian OS.

31. In the village will return to the village clubs and reading rooms.

32. The number of people employed in small and medium business to grow to 25 million.

33. Russia peel off the oil needle.

34. Earn TRANS-highway from Europe to China.

35. On the Arctic ocean sail ships.

36. Half of domestic flights will not take place in Moscow.

37. Electrification of the Baikal-Amur and TRANS-Siberian railway.

38. Crimea and Kaliningrad will be lit without interruptions.

How do you like the Russia of the future?


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