Putin has approved protocols on fees from oil exports with Belarus


Путин одобрил протоколы о пошлинах от экспорта нефти с Белоруссией

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law aimed at the ratification of the protocols on distribution of duties on petroleum products between Russia and Belarus. This was reported by “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”, citing a document published on the official portal of legal information.

As it became known, the Russian leader signed the documents to ratify two protocols, which clarify the rules for distribution of the sums of export duties on oil products manufactured from Russian oil, between the budgets of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

According to reports, the first Protocol was signed in may 2014 years and involved the change of a bilateral agreement, as well as regulate the order of depositing duties for export of oil products from the territory of the EEU.

The second Protocol adopted in October 2014. In accordance with it duties from export of oil products from Russian oil included in the budget of Belarus.


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