Putin and the upcoming presidential elections in 2018


Currently in our country, once with the knowledge of Vladimir Putin turned up the self-in candidates on a post of the President of the Russian Federation from 2018, is known for scandalous Sobchak K. A. and there were other independent candidates started pre-election hysteria. Russian media excitedly began to cover these events, stirring up the population and creating an unhealthy interest in these events, linking them to the fate of the country.

So, with all the campaign games and assumptions A. K. Sobchak and “podneperovie” like her “ladies” and “the boys” to warrant serious attention and concern in terms of analysis of the various conflicts of the passage of the electoral campaign for the election of the President of Russia in 2018 and predict the fate of Russia after the presidential elections.

The future of our country depends primarily on whether there will be on the post of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin or it will replace on this post more worthy people but not from the exalted “ladies” and the adventurous “boys”. This circumstance is relevant to all Russians to worry about, especially in the context of the complicated situation around Vladimir Putin and our country. And the situation is the following.

Putin V. V. (V. P.) as the current President of the Russian Federation to the present time in one way or another and a completely different displeased many, by and large it is:

1) a large mass of workers in the country – for that V. P. favors and protects the greedy oligarchy (the business elite) of the country in the face of dollar billionaires and millionaires, exploiting workers, robbing the country’s wealth, and outputs the “put together” the assets of their country in a hostile West;

2) the oligarchy of the country – to restrain Putin V. V. greedy appetites of the oligarchs and that he sometimes gets them for the business case, “hands”, and because V. V. P. “quarrel” with the world-ruling oligarchy of the West, which many of the oligarchs are from the last of the sanctions and other “trouble”;

3) the world-ruling oligarchy of the West, especially America, is because of V. P. as the constitutional guarantor stubbornly defended Russia’s national interests, preventing the establishment of external control Russia oligarchy of the West and use its territory, resources and workers in the predatory interests of the West.

At the same time:

1) the country’s workers are still willing to leave the VVP President of the Russian Federation:

in the hope that it will further corrected for the better (not likely, of course!),

provided that while disparate progressive forces of the country, together, was not nominated for presidential elections in 2018 candidacy that is more suitable for companies, especially for workers in the country;

2) the oligarchy of the country is ready to leave the V. P. in the post of President of the Russian Federation, if he will be more loyal to them and stop “fighting” with the world-ruling oligarchy of the West, especially America. Otherwise, the Russian oligarchs will be ready, come what may, “drag” on the President of Russia in 2018, their candidate, is acceptable to him and the oligarchy of the West. But such candidates are already identified, not counting those that are still in the shadow or secret;

3) the world-ruling oligarchy of the West, especially America, using the existing dissatisfaction of the workers of the country the current President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir P. and selfish desire of the Russian oligarchy against V. V. P., will:

to fully prevent the re-election of V. V. P. for the post of President of the Russian Federation in 2018 or elected as his successor of the “Putin regime”,

to contribute to the Russian oligarchs “drag” on the President of Russia in 2018, their candidate, is acceptable to him and the oligarchy of the West.

If the oligarchs of the West to do it through elections does not succeed, then he is using under his control the Russian oligarchy and using the existing dissatisfaction of the population of the country current President of the Russian Federation – V. V. P. tries to organize and implement the Maidan overthrow of the V. P. or his chosen successor. Actually, the overthrow objectionable Vladimir P. or its successor in this case has long been, clearly and secretly preparing(!). Not coincidentally, the West hard in recent years “convinces” the world community, including Russia, that Russia, led by V. V. P. and the “Putin regime”, is the world’s fiend and for good in the world (including Russia) should, at any cost, “to reason” V. P. and his associates. We have to admit that these efforts are bearing their poisoned fruit. The worst part is that it blindly or with the desire to believe a lot of Russians and that some of them (they also abound) I wish to use it not advertised insidious interests.

In the current extremely disturbing situation becomes more urgent the ability and action of “waking up” the progressive forces of the country in its purposeful unity and the nomination of a single decent candidate on presidential elections in 2018, more than satisfying the interests and needs of the workers of the country than Vladimir Putin But will be able and whether they will have time to do it by the beginning of 2018 – the big difficult question. Anyway, the population of the country should spare no effort to support them.

If Vladimir Putin once again put up a candidate from the “United Russia” and “Russian popular front” or, finally, as the independent candidate (which is unlikely) for a post of the President of the Russian Federation on elections in 2018, he is, even if there are other sufficiently important candidates for the post of the Communist party, LDPR, SR and other political parties, and social movements and organizations, including trade Union is most likely to win. For it can vote for whatever motivation or reason, the majority of the population of its various layers. In this regard, it is sufficient to note the following.

This is a big “kapitalizirovana” part of the population, starting with the oligarchy (the business elite) of the country sufficiently well settled and prosperous under Putin V. V. and the “Putin regime” and not wanting for anything to lose their status quo (their material wealth and social dominance). However, Russian oligarchs under pressure from the oligarchy of the West, fiercely hating defiance of Vladimir Putin and his re-election or overthrow, can, as already noted, to do otherwise. And the possibility of serious pressure oligarchy of the West to the Russian oligarchy actually exists, because many assets and close relatives of the latter are in the West, the first(!). The oligarchy of the West, the intransigence of the Russian oligarchy may dispose of them in their own way… Hardly Russian corrupt oligarchy (the pseudo-patriots of the country) will be able to resist it(!).

It’s kind of part of a successfully settled and well-staying close to the regime of persons not belonging to the oligarchs and their like, are closely related to “Putin’s power” and dependent in one way or another, but not of subordination.

It is also a large part of the population (not belonging to the business elite) in the power of Vladimir Putin and “Putin’s regime” under the administrative influence of the (so-called administrative resource), and under the well-known influence on the leaders and members created the “United Russia” and “Russian popular front”.

It caressed and lured Vladimir Putin and “Putin’s regime” on behalf of the company part of the intelligentsia, prominent figures and popular personalities from different fields.

It is also a significant part of the population that does not associate their troubles with VV Putin and “Putin’s regime”, because it does not see the existing connection (to the naked eye not see!).

It’s the people who don’t see a better candidate than Vladimir Putin, and because I am afraid that the other candidate will be worse than Vladimir Putin

A lot of people who blindly or religiously believe in the infallibility and exclusivity of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia.

And there are people who don’t care who is the President of the Russian Federation, only it was calm. These include also apolitical and infantile people, indifferent to any change.

If Vladimir Putin in 2018 as President of Russia suddenly he formally goes, it appointed or “elected” successor will be the same Vladimir Putin and “Putin’s regime” in the country is really run.

On the one hand, this avoids the worst of the alarming situation in the choice of a Presidential candidate acceptable to the oligarchy of the West, coupled with the Russian oligarchy.

On the other hand, in Russia, in this case in the lives of working people, not their exploiters, significant improvement will not happen. Will continue, “the Bleak living of future generations of the population of Russia in the conditions of backwardness and of regress”, described in socio-political orientation on the website http://agafonov.ucoz.ru/

So in 2018 for the post of President of the Russian Federation was elected more than any man, “sharpened” on the progressive changes in Russia, the progressive forces need to unite to nominate a suitable candidate in Presidents of the Russian Federation and with the support of the people of the country (the majority of Russian companies) to elect to 2018 in one or two election tour of your desired President of the Russian Federation, more progressive than Putin V. V. But, as already noted, there are numerous reasons why exercise is extremely difficult, though not impossible. Now the main thing for these forces – the most active movement in this direction.

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