Putin admitted sincere feelings Trump


Путин признался в искренних чувствах ТрампуThe President of the United States cannot be attributed to “ordinary politicians”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called US President Donald trump “direct and honest” man and that he “loves such as trump, people.” He stated to foreign journalists at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, reports Bloomberg.

According to him, the President of the United States cannot be attributed to “ordinary politicians”, adding that he considers it “advantage,” as the new trump “a fresh look at things.”

Meanwhile, Putin stressed that he had not made a “final opinion” about trump because of their personal meeting was not. He said that one cannot “be a friend to someone you don’t know”.

“Some people like it, some will not,” Putin said about trump.

Putin also said that “ongoing anti-Russian campaign” “counterproductive” and hurts everyone. He expressed hope that it “can’t last forever and should go away”.

Recall that the Kremlin stated that Putin and trump will meet in July.


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