Pure English menu. Cornwall: miner’s pie and fisherman


Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбака

You can, of course, agree with the French, who believe that English cuisine does not exist, but they leave their croissants and macedoine and see what contributions in the global menu, the inhabitants of the British Isles.

There is an old joke: “What is European heaven? This is when all the cooks are French, all the policemen are British, all the mechanics German, the lovers Italian, and it’s all organized by the Swiss. And what the European hell? This is when all the cooks are British, all the police are German all the mechanics are French, all the lovers are Swiss and everything is organized by Italians.”

Leave on the conscience of the anonymous authors of this joke mournful the fate of the French mechanics, Swiss lovers and talk about the chefs.

The English is not so bad as we’re trying to prove. Moreover, each County can be proud of their regional delicacies, which, moreover, are an integral part of the history or folklore.

Let’s start with the West and will gradually move to the East and then go North.


Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionКорнуолл, the lizard Peninsula, the southernmost point of the British Isles. There’s really so beautiful, but people are usually more

The Cornish Duchy is located at the South-West of England, and boasts the westernmost and the southernmost points of the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that Cornwall remains one of the main tourist destinations in the British Isles, its relative remoteness helped to preserve some individuality.

Because Cornwall is a Peninsula, fish is in the local menu pride of place. And because a substantial part of the rural landscape designated under the green and luscious fields, menu, fall lamb fatty and clotted cream.

And now about the main thing: geologic features have provided this part of England a disproportionately high share of minerals, including tin, copper, lead, iron and even silver.

These fossils mined from ancient times, but the peak of production came in the second half of the XVIII century and the XIX century.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the main Cornish dish that received the EU’s so-called guarantee of a traditional product, is nothing other than a snack of a miner.

Dirty hands, pure heart, empty stomach

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionСтены of the building that housed the lift shaft, on the West coast of Cornwall. Some places are literally covered with them

Mining in Cornwall was so important that miners had the right to seek deposits of tin on any unfenced land, free from livestock and crops. This right was granted to the miners of Cornwall and Devon in 1201 special Royal Charter.

In the same letter it was said that miners cannot be called upon for military service, charge them high taxes, and generally they are able to observe not all the laws.

Working conditions at Cornish miners were, however, heavy. And mine was very deep, so often there had to spend the whole day, not getting to the surface even at lunchtime.

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииROBERT MATTHEW LAVINSKY

Image captionМышьяк in Cornish mines is most often found in the form of arsenopyrite. This sample of the mineral from the mines in Porthleven

But the danger lurked not in copper or tin ore, and arsenic, which was a by-product of mining ore. It was so much that in 1870 the mines of Cornwall and Devon produced more than half of world production of arsenic.

Its toxicity is known to all, but for example, say that one teaspoon of arsenic ore where the actual arsenic 60%, capable of poisoning deaths of six people.

In such circumstances, the miners needed food, which, first, were reduced to spent forces, and secondly, it is not recorded if even accidentally in their body arsenic. Born a Cornish pie.

And to prepare it it is necessary so:

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииNASIER ALCOFRIBAS

Image captionВот so this thing looks before you’ll be suscipiat. Remember that the important thing is to create almost complete seal

Because each hostess prepared a traditional dish on its own, for authenticity should follow a few simple rules: not too much meat, at least two kinds of roots, one of which is potatoes, shortcrust pastry without a hint of muffin, all of the toppings are placed in a pie completely raw.

The following recipe is one of many. However, personally, I replace the lard with butter, but nothing prevents you to follow the letter and spirit of the traditions. The more that this option appears on the website of the “Association Cornish pies”.

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionОт last valiant miners of Cornwall almost nothing left but ruins and pie

For the dough you will need:

  • 500 g bread flour from durum wheat (the more the hardness, ie the gluten, the more malleable and plastic dough)
  • 120 g of lard, lard, aka visceral fat. Or forget about it and just increase the amount of butter
  • 125 g of butter. Adherents Cornish pies will tell you what oil should also only be Cornish, but, honestly, do any
  • 1 tsp salt (you can put less, because the current rules of healthy eating limit salt in every way)
  • 175 ml of cold water. With water be careful, because the number varies greatly depending on the quality of flour, so add wisely

For the filling:

  • 400 g beef and porterhouse steak, you to anything here on the classics will come down and paddle with rump. A piece cut into relatively small cubes
  • 300 g potatoes, cleaned and also cut into cubes
  • 150 g of rutabagas or turnips, either. They also have to cut into the same cubes
  • 150 g finely chopped onion
  • Salt and pepper
  • Beaten egg or milk for glazing

Not according to the classics, and I can say that is quite good and carrots, although actually in Cornwall it is believed that her cake is of lower quality.

And I experimented and instead of meat put cut the same cubes of cheese of several varieties (on the basis of what is in the house), and instead of onion – green with dill. However, to call it a Cornish pie already will be.

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionЗащипывать pie need to get just as thick “pigtail”. But in principle, come any way, if only all the juices stayed inside

Dlower that you have it all. What to do next?

It’s actually very simple. From cookie dough is the one and only rule: never use them directly, give him a little soak in the fridge. You can leave it on overnight, it won’t trouble him.

Mix the flour with salt, then with your hands RUB this mixture of both fat to get like crumbs, and begin to add water.

Then there are two schools of thought: some chefs believe that it is not necessary dough to rape, enough it gently to mix, and all will be well.

Others, including professionals from the Association of Cornish pies, they say that knead the dough long and hard, until it becomes soft and elastic.

I, however, stop somewhere in the middle, because the more you knead dough, the more it extracts the oil and becomes loose. However, I’ve never used lard, maybe with him things are different.

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionПоскольку mine is still closed, to enjoy the fruits of culinary labour, and thus

So, before you have made their dough and left it in the fridge. The next morning roll it to medium-thick condition. The exact dimensions are not ladies, but somewhere three millimeters, and cut out fairly large circles. For this purpose, suitable dessert plate or saucer.

Arrange the stuffing on the dough, add salt, pepper, and close to make a semicircle. The ends should be suscipiat, forming a pigtail. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t be sorry, because any pockets will do, if only he tightly sealed the filling in Pirogov’s insides.

Brush the top with beaten egg or milk to ensure that the resulting product is a nice Shine and bake.

With temperatures there may also be options. Professionals say about 165 degrees, my oven never dopekat, so I baked somewhere in the 180.

Pies need to stay there for about an hour, but you can periodically check how the process goes.

Damn, the signature and mockery

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionМост across the river Tamar, which the devil no fuss, fearing to be stuffed

As often happens in good old England: if somewhere can you put a legend, then sure shove.

One of them says that the devil avoids Cornwall and never crossed the river Tamar, which forms the natural border of the County, because he’s afraid to be the filling in a traditional pie.

The fact that Cornish Housewives were famous for the fact that stuffed into the dough almost anything. You could even say, what the hell.

These caring ladies baked the pies the initials of their husbands. This served two purposes: the pie you could eat in one sitting, and, for example, in two, and initials always show where your half-eaten piece where someone else.

Thick pockets as a handle (to never got the same arsenic), and besides, it could leave socceram little beings like the miner’s house (mine?), lived in faces that walked in miner’s overalls and suits all sorts of minor mischief.

The initials on the cork showed who of the miners treat them with respect and leave them food, someone to be pitied.

In Cornwall the fish has always been an important part of the diet, but never in the pie. Moreover, the fishermen never took it in the sea, because it was believed that it brings misfortune.

Pie astrologer

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииKRISTA VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Image captionПредупреждаю from that pie astrologer looks somewhat doubtful. Me, for example, the sticking of dough baked head somewhat confused. In this photo, however, the dough is sandy and puff, but the General idea is clear

From the outset, stating that Cornwall is rich in fish, it would be strange not to give a single example of fish dishes.

This is a work of national culinary creativity is called “pie astrologer” and the modern view looks pretty makeprecise.

Plus you have to love a fish of the herring family not only in the traditional salted or canned.

And finally, you should not confuse flavor combination of bacon, eggs, and fish.

Of course, there is the legend. In a small Cornish village called Mauschel, which translates as the bat cave, what happened was a famine.

All around was the sea, rich in all food, but raged a violent storm, and the fishermen seem to have decided that it is better to die of hunger on the land than to die in the depths of the sea.

But there was one brave young (or not, history is silent) man, Tom Bowcock, who against the waves went fishing, caught a bunch of fish, which made a pie for the whole village, and bony specter of hunger somewhere retreated.

However, immediately the question arises: how can the residents were starving when they were found, and flour, and butter, and eggs, and bacon that went into the making of this dish?

But screw the details, especially in the Rat hole of the legendary salvation from hunger celebrated every year on December 23.

I warned you

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionА this same Mouse hole, the birthplace of pie

Frankly, I never pie astrologer is not ready. Because to me this combination of products seems to be wild. Plus I’m willing to only consume sardines out of a tin can, and the herring – only vodka-potatoes-beets.

This is a dude there are more options, for example, with mustard sauce (sounds nice, but really it’s just a classic béchamel with mustard), and I have no doubt that you can easily find if you want to risk products and health.

But I will give you the easiest option, though I’m not sure if you have access to fresh sardines. If you can boast familiarity with the owner of the fish shop, ask them to gut the sardine and remove all bones. Attention! The head and tail do not touch!

You will need:

  • Shortcrust pastry (ready, or homemade, recipe to your taste but without sugar)
  • 8 sardines, gutted accordingly
  • One large onion which should be cut
  • Parsley or dill. Or some other weed. Or no
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs
  • A few slices of bacon
  • Beaten egg for glazing
  • You can even mashed potatoes or the same mustard sauce. Or other fillers that you will be putting your fish

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииZANGAR

Image captionА so this culinary masterpiece looks before sending in the oven. Here the dough is clearly sand, and fish – just sardines. Honestly, I feel sorry for them

Your actions:

Take some fireproof bowl or round baking pan with sides, at the same time heating the oven to 200 degrees.

At the bottom of the bowl or tray, lay a layer of dough so that the edges hung from the rim, and lubricate these same edges with water that it then better stick together.

Fill an empty professional of Sardinia carcass, onion and grass and put them back so they would hold the shape.

Lay these poor sardines around a circle, tails toward the center, so that the heads hang off the edge.

The gaps between the fish fill steep the chopped eggs and fried bacon. (As I said, for the more aristocratic of the option period you can still put the potatoes with mustard sauce, and the dough actually take a puff).

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionА to the same village from the air. It is seen that the harbour is small, and the entrance is narrow-narrow. Indeed, as the mouse Ave.

Cover the fish with another layer of dough, but make it a bit smaller in diameter, so it ended somewhere at the level of the fish neck.

Press the dough as follows between the heads, so they would thoughtfully looked out of the pie, languidly studying the night sky. Here, by the way, the name.

Brush top of cake with beaten egg to Shine, and bake. Depending on the size of sardines bake for 30 to 45 minutes, but at some point, if the dough is too brown, lower the heat slightly somewhere degrees to 180.

Serve hot.

Judging from the available photos, the result, as I said, some macabre, but it may well be that this tasty.

They say that instead of sardines you can use fresh herring. Some cod stuff, unfortunately, is impossible, because her head is too big.

Probably something to do with a small pike.

Than heart will calm down

Чисто английское меню. Корнуолл: пирог шахтера и рыбакаThe holder иллюстрацииGETTY IMAGES

Image captionА here and traditional bun with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam. Caloric they can replace a whole meal

As a dessert in Cornish can advise buns with saffron, or a classic bun with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

You can not bother and just eat the strawberries with cream. I suspect that after a Cornish pie and pie astrologer you’ll be quite satisfied, therefore, the dessert may be omitted.

In Cornwall also make wine and cider, so the choice of drinks is at your discretion. A pleasant culinary adventure.


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