Published videos of the crash of the missile-bomber Tu-22M3


Опубликовано видео крушения ракетоносца-бомбардировщика Ту-22М3

Newspaper “Vzglyad” has published a video of the crash of a supersonic missile – bomber Tu-22M3, which is sent to the editor of one of the witnesses of the accident.

Recall that the incident occurred on the airfield Shaykovka (Kaluga oblast) on September 14.

The cause of the accident was the failure of the speed sensors during the run, told the publication, an unnamed high-ranking source in the Russian space forces. The sensors could fail due to the ingress of water from the sump system in the highway of speed when longitudinal acceleration on takeoff.

With this problem the crews of Tu-22M3 already faced twice. Crews also had to stop off. Due to the fact that the fueled aircraft were not fully taking off could stop before the end of the strip.


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