Published the mysterious nebula


Опубликован снимок загадочной туманностиThe object is located at a distance of two thousand light years from Earth.

Scientists using the ALMA telescope has received the object Slesicki – residual nebula, which is shaped like an hourglass. As reported on the website of the European southern Observatory, the facility was opened in 1670.

It is noted that catalog this object is very difficult, it was suggested and refuted a number of explanations of its origin. At the moment, the prevailing view is that it is the result of a collision between two stars, but the debate about the type of these stars, still not subsided.

Now, however, astronomers were able to obtain the best to date image of the object, which allows us to examine the complex structure of cosmic dust and emission regions within Slesicki and around it. The picture shows a noticeable warped dust disk in the center of the gas jet and – jet – showing that as a result of some processes in the disk substance is thrown out.


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