Published specs of the smartphone HTC Ocean Harmony


The specifications of the smartphone HTC Ocean Harmony shortly before the announcement was leaked and available to the world community. Based on these data, we are waiting for a cheaper version of the flagship U11+, appeared to be very good in terms of toppings, but still very expensive.

HTC Ocean Harmony, according to rumors, will have a design identical to the flagship smartphone and the screen 18:9, but with a resolution of Full HD with a diagonal of 6 inches. At the core of the device lies a Qualcomm 652 with eight cores inside, and with it has 4 GB of RAM, supplemented by a ROM module on a 64 GB. The smartphone is powered by a battery with a capacity of 3930 mAh battery and has a touch of the side faces of the Edge Sense as the older model.

The display of HTC Ocean Harmony will be held in early December this year and will certainly be associated with his release, but the cost of the smartphone has not been revealed, although it will definitely be cheaper than the $ 700 HTC U11+. However, in terms of pricing policy is quite reasonable doubt: with a high degree of confidence we can say that the device will be more expensive than all of its competitors with similar hardware, especially from Xiaomi and Meizu.


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