Published rankings of Europe’s most popular cars


Опубликован рейтинг самых популярных в Европе автомобилейThe three most popular cars in 2017 got a Volkswagen Golf, Renault Clio and Peugeot 208.

It is reported by Ukrautoprom, with reference to the rating of the European car market, which was made by specialists of the international research company JATO Dynamics.

According to them, the market of the European Union grew by 5.2% compared to November 2016.

First place in the ranking is the Volkswagen Golf. For 11 months of this year only in Europe, they bought more than 445 thousand.

The second place of the Renault Clio hatchback. Its sales amounted to 298 thousand cars. It is almost 6% less than in 2016.

On the third spot is occupied by the Peugeot 208 with 225 thousand cars sold.

The ranking takes into account not only the total number of cars sold, but also indicators of growth/decline of sales.

The TOP 25 based on sales for the November-2017, the coefficient of percentage growth and total sales in 2017.

Опубликован рейтинг самых популярных в Европе автомобилей


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