Public hearings a risk for life


Публичные слушания с риском для жизни

Public hearing in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region on the construction of a waste incinerator close to the village of Ametyevo turned into a scandal, shouting and attack on the Chairman of the “people’s chamber of the Moscow region” municipal Solnechnogorsk district Deputy Dmitry Trunina.

Dmitry Trunin, well-known public figure, human rights activist and environmentalist, speaks regularly against the lawlessness perpetrated on the territory of Moscow region.
Ecocide – so often Trunin Dmitry describes what is happening in the Moscow region, first and foremost, it concerns the issues of waste disposal, operation of landfills, as well as attempts to build incinerators.
“Officials of the suburbs we are constantly told that these plants are safe and they generally are built in the center of European cities. Well, if so, let’s build the first one in Barvikha, near the house of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov”, – commented Dmitry Trunin his initiative on holding a referendum on the construction of the incinerator in Barvikha.
It is clear that the regional Duma refused municipal Deputy in his initiative, as before, refused to hold a referendum on the issue of separate waste collection, sorting and recycling.
And now, fearing a protest by Dmitry Trunina during public hearings on the construction of incinerators near Khmetievo, and like many other residents, are simply not allowed into the hearing, closing the passage to the steel grille!
Municipal authorities Solnechnogorsk district has tried to hold hearings in secret, without letting the residents know, and, when this failed, two hours in advance of the hearing, “caught up” in the hall of state, and then began to refuse to residents in the passage, citing the fact that the hall is full.
When the Deputy and human rights activist Trunin tried to enter the hall to check what kind of fake “residents” gathered at the hearing, his path was blocked by several unknown strong men, refusing to pass inside. And when Dmitry Trunin tried to pass the “cordon”, he was attacked and knocked to the floor.
As a result, the MP was injured and he broke the phone.


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