PUBG will open a new map for testing


PUBG откроет новую карту для тестированияAfter the previous testing, the map has undergone some changes.

The developers PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds continue to balance new cards for your battle Royal. Soon location “Code name: “Wild land”” will again be available for closed testing.

Level testing will start on April 17 at 04:00 Moscow time and will end on 19 th. If you have already participated in the first stage of the tests, you will only need to run the experimental client shooter. The rest will have to login on the page the “Code name” and wait for code. The number of keys is limited hurry!

After the previous testing, the map has undergone some changes. So, the red area in the new version is long and covers a smaller area, and the waiting time the blue region depends on the number of survivors. In the loads of supplies you won’t find 15-fold the sight, but the location became more grenades. It also adds three new region. Also, dynamic weather will change several times during the game, not just one as before. Full list of corrections and improvements here.

PUBG Corporation already warned that before the release the map to be further elaborated and refined, and the last message confirmed his words — “Code name: “Wild land”” get to the main version of the game only a few months. Small consolation for users should be that this session of the test will not be the last.


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