Psychologists told how to know the character of a person smile


Психологи рассказали, как узнать характер человека по улыбкеAccording to them, the laughter you can also discern the secret thoughts.

Each person is different and expresses the same emotions. Psychologists suggest to take a closer look at how laughing your partner and find out what he is hiding for fun and smile.

Psychologists divide human laughter on several types. What each of them means?

Психологи рассказали, как узнать характер человека по улыбке

If the person laughs, showing teeth, it’s a compliment to his companion. A laugh means that you like the company, in which it is located.

Laughter through clenched teeth is, on the contrary, awkwardness and restraint of the person. At this point, laughing is not ready to share sincere emotions with their companions.

If you say that person is funny, but he’s not laughing, restraining himself, know that he does not trust you and does not want to show who you really are.

Психологи рассказали, как узнать характер человека по улыбке

Laughter-giggling – is the main human trait, which can betray or deceive. To trust these people unsafe.

Constant laughter, or without, characterizes your partner as insecure and shy person, whose laughing mask.

Low chest of laughter gives a person who is accustomed to dominate over everything. You would be unlikely to reach him and get to hear their point of view.

Психологи рассказали, как узнать характер человека по улыбке

Laughter out of place is most common in nervous, unstable, ready to explode at any moment. In dealing with them all the time you need to be alert – at any time, a person can just off on a tantrum.

In any case, for many years, doctors and scientists say that laughing is good for health. And our tips and observations will let you do not a guide to action and information for common development. Laugh often and be healthy!


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