Psychologists did an interesting conclusion about beautiful women at work


Психологи сделали интересный вывод о красивых женщинах на работе Beautiful women rarely become leaders.

American scientists found out why attractive women are less likely to become leaders.

Scientists conducted a study in which learned that beautiful women-leaders are trusted less than the less attractive ladies and men.

Experts suggested the volunteers to choose a company, the head of which cause them to have more confidence. For the experiment, researchers have come up with the history of several companies, and put them in a photo alleged of Directors.

It turned out that attractive women were less likely to be trusted than other leaders. Scientists suggest that prospective employees feel threatened by their own family well-being in the presence of such a leader.

This theory confirms the fact that men, pre-recall a pleasant story about their “second half” refers to a beautiful female boss without bias.


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