PRP therapy: what are the benefits and where can you master the skills?


Cosmetology clinics and private specialists are constantly looking for new procedures they can offer to the customers. The safety of the promoted medical services are the priority. Simplicity and visible effect is highly demanded. At last, low cost is required to make it affordable. All these qualities are characteristic to PRP therapy.

PRP is an abbreviation that stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Otherwise, the procedure is called plasma-lifting. This method of treatment and rejuvenation involves the introduction of human plasma into the problem area. Only the patient’s own bio-material is used. Because only patient’s own tissues are used there is no risks associated with inflammation, immune response or infection.

The solution for injection is prepared right before the administration. It is a fraction of the patient’s venous blood plasma, which contains a large number of platelets. The enrichment process is done by centrifuging.

Subcutaneous administration is useful to:

  • transfer protein compounds to tissues;
  • stimulate the synthesis of your own collagen and elastin;
  • promote the production of hylauronic acid;
  • improve metabolic processes.

Skin cells are renewed and contribute to the birth/renewal of other, healthy structural units. Skin tone increases, medium and small wrinkles disappear, deep wrinkles are smoothed out.

To fully understand the technique cosmetologists need to be trained in PRP specifics. Our Online PRP Training Courses are designed to teach you or your staff to perform and understand every stage of the PRP procedures. They are inexpensive and separated into modules, depending on your primary interest. The courses are available in your language.

The main difference of this method is that the beneficial components of the patient’s own blood stimulate the immune and regenerative function of cells. At the same time, no foreign substances are introduced.

Benefits of PRP therapy

There are at least three advantages of the procedure:

  1. The breadth of indications for use and the effectiveness of the technique in combating most skin problems. Plasma therapy helps to literally erase the first signs of aging from the face, remove bags and bruises under the eyes, make the skin pleasant in color and touch, get rid of dryness.
  2. The possibility of combining with other methods of treatment and rejuvenation. The ability to eliminate signs of skin aging and restore it is the reason for the frequent use of the procedure after chemical peels and laser exposure.
  3. The use of exclusively natural materials. Own plasma can practically not cause an allergic reaction, rejection.

Everyone will be able to find advantages for themselves in this procedure.


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