Proven ways to increase blood pressure


Проверенные годами способы повышения артериального давления  Hypotensive patients can exhale with relief, because now they will be known effective ways to increase blood pressure at home.

Hypotension is a serious disease in which people have blood pressure drop and he becomes a hostage to the terrible state of health. Usually, hypotensive dizzy, felt fatigue and weakness in the body, mood worsens, it becomes difficult to focus and work.

The disease is most common in young and even adolescence.

Such ways of high blood pressure, drinking a Cup of coffee and eat dark chocolate, work, but they are short. That is, after 1-2 pressure can again be reduced and an unpleasant symptoms return.

Experts suggest to use proven methods to reduce pressure:

1. The healing mixture. The recipe for this mixture is known to very few, but those who at least once tried it, know exactly what she quickly raises blood pressure and promotes well-being hypotensive. To prepare this wonderful mixture will need coffee beans, lemon juice, honey. 50 roast beans in a frying pan, then smallscale them in a coffee grinder and pour into a glass jar, add 250 g of honey and pour it all fresh juice of the whole lemon. Mix thoroughly and refrigerate. Under reduced pressure, eat a teaspoon of the healing mixture, but only two hours after a meal.

2. Sea buckthorn tea. The benefits of sea buckthorn is known to all, but the fact that its leaves are also very useful – almost no one knows. For hypotensive tea from sea buckthorn leaves is salvation in those days, when the pressure is greatly reduced. You can use dry and fresh leaves.

3. Salt instead of candy. If the pressure dropped, and tablets at hand was not, to help a person can take in the mouth a pinch of salt. It should dissolve until completely dissolved. It is advisable not to drink.

4. The infusion of cinnamon with honey. This medicine for high blood pressure getting ready for a couple of minutes. You will need a quarter teaspoon of crushed powder of cinnamon and a Cup of boiling water. Add water, spice and insist until cool. Then add the honey and stir it to dissolve. It is best to drink this infusion in the morning on an empty stomach, but only if the pressure is reduced, and other diseases associated with the digestive tract you do not.

5. Sweet sandwich. This method works when the pressure is not greatly decreased. Take a piece of bread, slather it with honey and sprinkle with ground cinnamon, eat a sandwich and take a break, but after 10-15 minutes the pressure should return to normal.


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