Proven provenance from the British blue-eyed Africans


Доказано происхождение британцев от голубоглазых африканцев

A DNA test of the remains of the famous “cedarcode person” allowed to recreate its appearance. Defenders of migrants did not conceal his joy: the ancestors of the Britons were black. In the case immediately entered politics.

“Chedeski man” got his nickname on the name of the Cheddar caves in Somerset, where his remains were discovered in 1903. It is assumed that he died a violent death around 7150 years before our era. Attempts to reconstruct his appearance was made before, but only now decoding DNAwith high probability (76%) allowed to assert that he was black.

Actually, “blacks” he was in the truest sense of the word. But, in addition, had dark wavy hair and blue eyes, so to speak of belonging to the Negroid race would be premature. This did not prevent scientists to make a number of statements on topical now the theme “Black lives too important.”

“If a man with the same skin color we saw today, we would call it black,” says Dr. Tom Booth, an officer of the London natural history Museum.

He was echoed by Dr. Rick Sulting, a Professor of archeology from Oxford: “it looks Like we will have to reconsider their views about what it means to be British”.

The authors of the reconstruction – the twin brothers from the Netherlands Alfons and Arie Kennys – are in the same spirit. Alphonse right places all points over i: “it is Possible that immigrants can feel a sense of ownership. And we might even get rid of the idea that you have to look a certain way, according to where you come from. We’re all immigrants”.

Clearly this position was reflected in the video that is dedicated to the upcoming premiere of the documentary about “cedarcode man” on Cannel 4. The VoiceOver recites a ceremonial text: “How was the first Briton? Was it the color? Who were his ancestors? And now, 300 generations later, how does that relate to us today?”In parallel, a VoiceOver begins, the face of modern Britain against the background of London. For uncomplicated plan of the Director, every second person is not white.


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