Proved the influence of genetics on success in life


Доказано влияние генетики на успех в жизниFor each person was calculated polygenetic assessment.

An international team of geneticists found the alleles that contribute to the success of its carrier. The conclusion is made on the basis of the analysis five groups of people from three countries employing over 20,000 people. An article with the results published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have been trying to figure out how genetics and environment affect the success of individuals separately. In the English language this issue is called “nature vs. nurture” is literally translated “nature versus nurture”. In the case of man the situation is complicated by the fact that the alleles that correlate with personal success, may be associated not with biological causes, but conditional conditions in the family. For example, children from affluent families succeed because of the social environment, and different wealthy families are similar genetically quite different reasons.

In the new work, genetics tried to share these situations. They conducted genome wide Association, i.e., defining relationships between different alleles and phenotypic traits, 20 thousand people from USA, UK and New Zealand. For each person was calculated polygenetic assessment, which allowed to compare the specific people on several success factors, which the authors attributed education, career and income.

It turned out that polygenetic assessment is a useful indicator of life achievements regardless of social factors. People with high levels of this assessment has achieved greater success than their parents or brothers and sisters with a lower rating. Moreover, the result does not depend on family security. The authors conclude that only a few alleles can significantly affect the success of the person. However, the achievements of man are determined not only by genetics: the authors were able to fully explain by genes only 4% of the difference in social mobility between different people.


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