Prolong life after a heart attack will help the new device


Продлить жизнь после инфаркта поможет новое устройствоThe device is able to be protected from violations not only by the heart.

A group of scientists from the USA, Ireland and the UK have developed a device called Therepi, which will protect people from developing heart failure, the typical consequences of a heart attack. According to scientists, the device is very simple to use and requires no special skills.

Details of the researchers ‘ work shared in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering. According to the publication, the new device is microreservoir of the polymer, gelatin-based, able to be attached directly to the cardiac tissue.

“This reservoir is connected with a very thin hose with a special device on or under the patient’s skin through which the heart will be delivered drug,” said the authors of the project.

Scientists say that the device is able to be protected from violations not only by the heart, it may become a universal platform for treatment of other organs. The patient without the help of a doctor is able to enter the required amount of the drug by the conventional syringe.

Doctors remind: after a heart attack on the human myocardium, there are processes leading to the development of heart failure. In any region of the heart may form scar tissue – a sign that the myocardium has been damaged. Its formation is making negative adjustments in the activity of cardiac muscle, with possible complications such as failure of a heart valve or failure of the ventricle.

“Our device thanks to its material deistvovat like a sponge, allowing you to accumulate the cure right there in the heart, where required. It is hard to do because the heart continually shrinks and moves,” said one of the authors of the project.


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