Prokopenko against Copernicus


Прокопенко против Коперника

Federal channel “REN-TV” showed a “scientific” film that planet Earth is supposedly flat.

Well slavnenko, that survived.

Where, in fact, have to go separately taken from the world civilization, which denies a woman the right to decide what she should do with her body and emerged in this new life, which removes hundreds of thousands of his followers to kiss in unsanitary conditions some creepy rotten bones and decayed puppets? Just go. Where children do not put vaccinated, where those who think or dressed up, and the score in bits, where a simple mercenary bureaucrats strive to called the anointed of God. This should be mandatory attached with flat Land, the fires of the Inquisition, the cane in schools but the Law of God, and of honoring the Emperor by the priests. Where a few years sought out there and was.

What’s next?

And you know, it turns out, in the center of this flat Earth is Moscow. And the fact that she is the Third Rome, is bullshit. Moscow has always been. And it was Rome, and Constantinople. It is the Land and all the history around her spinning.

And you heard a wonderful theory, ornate confirmed by mathematical proofs, that all the events of our past and its heroes are a reflection of the events and persons of the recent? They are overgrown with legends, just breed, as a single object, casting the rays of several light sources a number of shadows. Is it because our Great President is that Peter First try to compare, it with Nicholas First, then with Ivan the Terrible, Stalin. The soul feels our nation is the unity of past, present and future.

And they say that Russia is a female country included, along with the entire Universe in the age of Aquarius. And literally from day to day, all other civilizations will bow before the mighty Slavs, who are already themselves descendants of the Atlanteans.

“Brilliant” ideas can be listed almost indefinitely.

Introduced the other day in Russia academic degrees in theology. At first it caused confusion. In the 21st century! But with the release of the new film dear Igor Prokopenko everything fell into place. Now newly minted scientists working on long enough. Will not only prove “how many demons can fit on the tip of the needle” or “what is the average speed of migration of the Archangel when low cloud”, but also to adapt to normal physical laws to the earth and the firmament.

Prokopenko and actors of his scientific and educational film only started this hard work. Experiences with the bombing and with the slope of the nose flying over the Ground plane have to check the number of scientists-theologians — the real heroes. Never mind that to the uninitiated it will look like an Orthodox Jihad. The main thing – to prove that thousands of mindless astronomers and physicists (the most egregious of them, of course, have American citizenship) homespun deliberately hide the truth from mankind.

And is it worth talking about the fact that the entire film crew REN-TV was not expert in the techniques of computer graphics (movies with its use are removed on a background of green, not blue screen). But it is the little things. Why is the study of materiel to waste your time, when thinking on a universal scale and rely on the audience to think for themselves not accustomed.



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