Professionals tell what colour the car better for resale


Специалисты рассказали, какой цвет автомобиля выгоднее для перепродажи It turned out that by reducing the cost of used cars is affected by its color.

Less changes the price of the yellow machines, more – painted in Golden color. The study analyzed more than two thousand advertisements about selling vehicles.

The average rate of change of the car after three years is 33.1 percent. Yellow cars during the same period, losing only 27 per cent of its original cost, and, for example, silver – 34 percent. Cars with Golden body become cheaper by 37.1 percent. Machine red and white in three years, losing in value of 32.7 and 32.6 percent, respectively.

There is an inverse relationship, if you compare the color with the number of days needed to sell a car. Yellow sold longer: on average, the ads are on the website of 41.5 days. Golden – 34.5 day, silvery – 38.8 day, red – 40.9 per day.


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