Producer Loboda was surprised by a Frank recognition


Natella Krapivina noted that Loboda pregnancy was unplanned but welcome

Krapivin said that it is difficult to comment on personal life of Svetlana. “For me, the Svetlana’s pregnancy was an unexpected surprise, but pleasant. I know what she dreamed about a second child. It’s hard for me to comment on, but I know that Svetlana is happy, and for me the most important,” says the producer of the singer. According to her, pregnancy Loboda was unplanned, but welcome.

“I’ve noticed that some of the emotional changes occur in it, and even once asked a question that got a strong, “No, that’s impossible.” A few weeks later she called me with the American tour and, barely breathing, literally in a whisper announced that is expecting a child. Of course, for me it was a shock, to a certain extent. I had painted a year hard, tight, and had a lot of things to change,” said Natella.

Also, the producer Loboda admitted that she, against the advice of feeding baby breastfeeding. “Now I tell her, “Hey, breastfeeding is too, we so many can not afford, it ties you to the child, depriving of possibility to work.” I also have some tasks for the producer, though we are friends, but I have something to plan. She said, “No, while you have the chance, I’m going to feed, it is important to me,” said Krapivin.


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