Probiotic yogurt almost never improves intestinal flora


Пробиотические йогурты почти не улучшают микрофлору кишечника

Scientists Institute of science Weizmann tell you that it is not always probiotic yogurt has a positive impact on the state of the intestinal microflora.

A new study has shown that beneficial bacteria of yoghurt are not always able to settle down in the intestine, in other words, the positive properties of this product are exaggerating.

The authors reported: “Many scientists and citizens are confident that together with probiotics, the body can obtain incredible benefits for the body. But it is not so: they can’t fight with hay fever, to speed up the acclimatization, to treat colds and so on. Our testing of these results was not shown.”

Experts say that a successful “colonization” show only certain types of bacteria. Some respondents probiotics and not caught, which means that they do not receive any benefit.


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