Private Shamsutdinov called the cause of the massacre


Рядовой Шамсутдинов назвал причину бойни

Soldiers Ramil Shamsutdinov shot his colleagues in a military unit in Transbaikalia from-for threats of its “lower”. Relevant testimony he gave to the military investigation, their results in the publication chain.

According to Shamsutdinova, after he entered the service, he stole, “or rather, he took the phone”. This incident airman did not inform parents, and only hid the SIM card to be able to paste it into other people’s phones to call family. The young man noted that in addition to the phone, he took away the money.

“Who is complaining? Funny. To inform you simply no. Who do I inform if officers themselves me and beat me? Thought to escape, but everything is closed. What was I to do?” he said.

Says Shamsutdinov, on the same day, the officers promised him to “lower”. It all has to happen after the shift. “And I said, warned that the type of rape,” continued the suspect.

He added that until he has “let down” young and the night was supposed to be his turn. “When I was detained, I was very much beaten, I thought honestly that I would die…”, — concluded the young man.

The incident in a military unit in Transbaikalia occurred on 25 October. Soldiers Ramil Shamsutdinov, with the changing of the guard shot and killed eight co-workers, the first was killed the company commander. Soldier immediately surrendered to the group of anti-terror and interrogation said he did not regret.

Immediately after the incident, the defense Ministry said that Shamsutdinova could happen nervous breakdown due to personal issues not related to the service. The source “” said that the soldiers decided to commit a crime because of the bullying seniors.

A petition demanding the release of Shamsutdinova has signed more than 12 thousand people, friends of soldiers gathered for his father’s 220 thousand rubles.


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