Social networks, although they speak contemptuously and officials, calling them to believe only the most proven and truthful reports, still useful from the point of view of finding answers to questions. Today’s prisoners of the Russians “lit up” on many resources. So we managed almost instantly to find them and make sure they are real people. Here, too, they are:


According to their possible no penalty until there is reliable information. There are different messages, although they mostly say that it took place. Unfortunately, there are more hard details. At the time, lit up video, which some Russian-speaking people in uniform sacrificed with sledgehammers of a certain Arab. Presumably, the action, although they could be anyone. Strictly formally, the IG executed according to Sharia soldiers shooting, shevatim (local supporters “infidels”) cut off the head, however, this rule applies if the sentenced was not involved in the executions, the torture and abuse of civilians. There are reports that prisoners were required to score with sledgehammers – the video had a very wide resonance across the Middle East. Our idiots didn’t tell me that it’s a different mentality, and we need to behave differently than used to.

In General, the penalty, if it takes place (or took place) and it will demonstrate it can be extremely hard. No other details. I in any case to publish it I don’t savor such things there is no desire, there are other comers. It should be noted that an earlier message that three Russians burned – not about “today’s” prisoners. Those three were captured elsewhere in the North of Deir-ez-Zor.


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