Princess Charlotte goes to kindergarten: how to raise a Royal


Принцесса Шарлотта идет в детский сад: как будут воспитывать особу королевских кровейAn educational institution differs greatly from other kindergartens

Prince William and Kate Middleton to the issue of the upbringing and education of their children very responsibly. Despite the fact that their son George just four years old, he already goes to school. That two-year-old Charlotte, the couple decided it’s time to enter adulthood, the parents of the little Princess decided to send Charlotte to kindergarten Willcox, which is located next to Kensington Palace.

Of course, this preschool is very different from other kindergartens. First, in addition to games, children will have to wait quite unusual for kids activities such as pottery and poetry classes. Secondly, young learners will be led on excursions to museums of history and natural Sciences. Third, in the garden for educational purposes, sometimes will come the members of the fire service, police and even the parish priest.

Before Charlotte starts to walk to the garden for a full day, it will have a period of adaptation: first, a two-year Princess will come into your group together with the parents and spend with them some time to get used to new conditions and unfamiliar surroundings. And then, if all goes well and the child will not stress, parents will be asked to leave. Teachers will also ask parents to bring in garden photos or a favorite toy of the child to Charlotte was easier to endure separation.

Принцесса Шарлотта идет в детский сад: как будут воспитывать особу королевских кровей

Training in such an educational institution will cost Prince William and Kate Middleton is very expensive: for the full stay in the garden of Charlotte they will have to pay 14.5 per thousand pounds (almost 600 thousand hryvnia) per year.


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