Prince Harry may lose popularity because of his wife


After the marriage the behaviour of Prince Harry became the subject not of admiration. Every action of Casekow seems deliberately aimed at public outrage.

Why is Meghan Markle accused in a negative influence on her own husband?

Unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William (Kate Middleton and Prince William), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry) can not boast of a deliberate line of conduct. What he thinks about the situation with Sasaxle chief expert on Royal matters, reports the with reference to

The strangeness of Prince Harry

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe quite emotionally spoke about the changes in the behavior of Prince Harry. More recently, grandson of the Queen was a national favorite, and now seems confused and insecure hypocrite.

After the statements about the need to preserve the environment to make a few trips a voyage on a private jet – such actions, the expert called another PR failure of Casekow. The impression that the couple is not aware of the responsibility for their actions.

Larcombe believes that such radical changes will most adversely affect the image of Prince Harry. And the expert believes this is a tragedy, because I believe that red-haired representative of the Royal family is a really great guy.

Changes in behavior

Earlier, the chief humorist and playboy were free to travel the budget airlines, for example, with friends at a ski resort. Now all movements of the handsome strictly classified and are held in high confidentiality. From the former openness of Harry is not gone.

Naturally, the negative trend expert saw after marrying the Prince. Moreover, to accuse the public of being biased towards Meghan Markle impossible. On the contrary, a girl from an ordinary family adopted with enthusiasm. A wave of adoration from the Prince passed on the actress. But each new act couples gradually began to disappoint even the most loyal fans.

The expert can’t understand why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sesexy think that no one sees the inconsistency of their words and actions. The impression is that they consider all not-too-smart people. And yet, the Dukes of Sussex’t try very hard to rectify the situation. If it goes on, the prestige of the monarchy will be in danger.


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